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Adam Ü

Marine biologist, multisport athlete, and photographer Adam has been studying whales, dolphins, and seabirds since 1994. Since then, he has spent thousands of days at sea on research expeditions all over the world and has seen half of the known cetacean species. His collaborative research has been published in numerous scientific journals, his wildlife images can be seen in field guides and news outlets worldwide, and he has appeared in documentaries by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC.

In addition to his career as a marine biologist, he has over 25 years of media production experience and has organized and led dozens of ski expeditions where he works on both sides of the lens. With over 40 international magazine covers, hundreds of editorial spots, posters, and even a limited-edition postage stamp in Japan to his credit, he is one of the most published skiers in the action sports industry. As a photographer, he has a global network of commercial and editorial clients.
Adam lives in Washington state and holds a Masters of Research from the University of Aberdeen, UK.