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Alessandro Guerra

Although Alessandro was born and raised on Lake Como, Italy, his true passion is salt water. In fact, his encounter with the ocean changed his life. Fascinated by human diversity, at first, he got a Bachelor's in Languages and Cultures. This fed his curiosity and will to travel the world, and during this exploration, he discovered his true calling: the love for our Blue Planet.

This new path led him to fall in love with diving and to become a professional diver. Being surrounded by water and underwater life is still his favorite thing. After a few years in the field as an instructor, scientific diver, and conservationist, he went back to university to complete his MSc in Ocean Sciences, at the University of Cape Town (SA). Marine conservation (mainly manta rays and turtles) and sustainable tourism were the main fields of activity. He has also lived on 5 continents, growing, and enriching his general knowledge, landing in the world of expedition cruises in 2019, and conducting trips to tropical and polar regions.

Curious by nature and passionate about marine creatures, nature, and travel, he is always available with a smile and ready to share new adventures with you.