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Alex Joseph

Born and raised in Alabama, Alex's connection to nature took shape as a child living in a state park and then in his formative years spent in Gulf Shores, AL. Where white sandy beaches meet the pine forest of the Southeast.

Graduating from the University of Alabama with a focus on telecommunication and film, Alex's evolution as a professional cameraman spans over 15 years, marked by a passion for storytelling through the lens. Alex's path has spanned diverse adventures – capturing Obama's inauguration, documenting the BP oil spill aftermath, observing Galápagos sea lions, to car chase scenes in major films.

When not at sea, Alex is based in Atlanta, GA. There he works in TV & Film as a camera operator and a long standing member of the International Cinematographers Guild.

Since 2010, Alex has traveled with Lindblad Expeditions. Being a certified photo instructor allows him to not only explore the natural world intimately but also to impart the art of capturing these fleeting moments to others. This passion has led Alex to be a lifetime student to the art of capturing captivating visuals that tell compelling stories.