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Andreas Alexander

Born and raised in Germany, Andreas studied Mechanical Engineering and Geosciences in Germany, Alaska, and Svalbard. Following a passion for ice, he specialized in glaciology and obtained a PhD in glaciology from the University of Oslo (Norway). During this time, he frequently climbed around on, in and under glaciers on Svalbard and developed novel technologies to measure the flow of water. His academic work took him to Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Japan and Estonia and he taught geosciences at the universities of Oslo and Svalbard.

While still a student on Svalbard, Andreas started to share his passion for the Arctic and scientific exploration with guests visiting the archipelago. Soon after he could be found working on small expedition vessels in both polar regions. Ever since, he has combined his academic pursuits with work on small expedition vessels, allowing him to spent as much time as possible out in the field. He loves to show, not only, the beauty but also the fragility of the unique natural environments close to the poles of our planet. Worlds full of ice, rocks, and many good stories.