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Anne Hedlund

Anne has been diving around the world for about 20 years, starting in Mexico and continuing to the darker and colder waters of Sweden, her home country. The interest of diving started when she was growing up in the archipelago outside Stockholm, and she loves to go to remote and unique places to see the differences of the eco systems, and she always brings her camera to show the people around her the beauty that lies beneath. Some of her favorite spots includes the Galapagos, Malpelo, Socorro, Azores and of course Sweden.

Her need for knowledge about marine biology started off early when she realized how much more you can get out of a dive if you know about animal behavior, ecology and biology, and she also loves to talk about this to whoever interested in listening. Conservation is very important to her. Anne has been working alongside marine biologists in a project in Mozambique documenting fish and underwater environment to show the impact of overfishing, which has been quite severe in the area.

Her background in hospitality took her to Svalbard for a couple of seasons, a place that went straight to her heart. Living and working with polar bears and arctic foxes as your closest neighbors was amazing and every trip to the Arctic just increases her love for the region.