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Brooke Juhala

At 6-years-old, Brooke knew she wanted to be an Expedition Photographer. So much so, she insisted her mother sign her up for drawing classes - just in case her camera broke in-the-field. Ever since, her love for storytelling has inspired her to pursue a life of adventure. Raised in Washington state, Brooke has since called many places “home.” After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Brooke moved to Thailand which led her to journeying solo through Bali and then backpacking alone for 16-days in Nepal, traveling by foot from Jiri to Gokyo Ri.
Upon returning stateside, Brooke began leading cross country road trips for TrekAmerica. In 2016, she moved to Portland, OR where she guided for a local kayaking company, as well as REI as an Outdoor School Instructor. Here, Brooke became immersed in human-powered objectives. As she dove deeper into the adventure sports cultures - her photography portfolio began to expand.
Now, Brooke is an internationally published Photojournalist and Filmmaker based in Seattle, WA. Her work has been featured by Rock & Ice, Climbing Magazine, and BBC. Outside of her creative endeavors, Brooke utilizes her technical outdoor skills by volunteering with Olympic Mountain Rescue.
She looks forward to visiting some of the world’s most incredible destinations with her fellow teammates and guests of Lindblad Expeditions, and she’s keen to share her photography passion and experience to help make your journey even more memorable.

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Jul 27 2024