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Carlos Arias Escamilla

Carlos Arias was born and raised in Colombia. He has a diploma in International Business and affairs and in Tour Guiding. He started working in the hospitality industry in 2008 in his hometown, Santa Marta as a freelance tour guide. Since then, he has travelled around his country showing the natural and cultural highlights, especially to foreign travelers and cruise ship passengers. for over 10 years Carlos has been able to explore and interact with Indigenous communities and visit some of the most isolated archeological sites in his home country.

His passion for tourism and hospitality led him to work on cruise ships in 2021 where he explored the Bahamas and Mexico. After that, he moved back to Cartagena where he continued his role as a tour guide and cultural host in Afro Caribbean - Ethnical as well as Social, historical, and Geopolitical affairs. "Carlitos" is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with everyone he meets as well as his love for culture, music, and travel. Being able to visit countries around the world allowed him to find in hospitality both a job and a way of living.

My upcoming expeditions

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Oct 13 2024
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Oct 27 2024
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