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Carlos Navarro

Carlos J. Navarro is a biochemist specializing in marine biology, a M. Sc. in Environmental Management and a freelance wildlife photographer/author. Carlos has spent most of the last 30 years living along the shores of the Sea of Cortez and participating in numerous scientific, conservation and environmental education projects on the vaquita, marine invertebrates, sea birds, great white sharks, baleen whales, jaguars and crocodiles. Carlos’ six years of jaguar research provided the basis of ONCA MAYA, a non-profit organization dedicated to jaguar conservation based in Cancun, of which he is a founding member and still serves as a scientific advisor. He loves being underwater, either free-diving or using SCUBA gear and have had the chance to explore the underwater realms of Alaska, Mexico, Svalbard, the trans-Atlantic ridge islands, the Caribbean and both coasts of South America from Panama to Chile and Brazil to Argentina. 

As a wildlife photographer and author of numerous scientific and popular publications, he tries to share his deep passion and love of nature with the general public. Carlos is very interested in all kinds of wild creatures, particularly top predators; he first traveled to Alaska many years ago to photograph brown and grizzly bears in Katmai and Denali National Parks and returns to the Great State every year for some more ursine encounters. His photographs have been published by National Geographic, BBC, Wildlife Conservation, Reptilia, Especies, Cuartoscuro and many more Mexican and international magazines and books. His first book, Oleada de Vida, is a photographic essay about the Sea of Cortez, whereas his second, El Oso Negro en el Noreste de México, explains the life history of the poorly known but abundant black bears in Mexico’s northeast. He is currently working on a couple of new book projects, one about the natural history, cultural significance and conservation of the jaguar, and the other one about overfishing in the Sea of Cortez. Besides his loved Baja California, Carlos has traveled with Lindblad/National Geographic to the high Arctic of Svalbard, Iceland, Alaska, Antarctica and the Falklands, South Georgia, Azores, Madeira, Canaries, Cape Verde and Easter islands, both Western and Eastern coasts of South America, the Galápagos, Cuba and the Amazon.