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Elijah Sands

Elijah Sands is a conservationist, photographer, filmmaker, and writer who grew up in the sunny isles of The Bahama Archipelago. He is a certified scuba diver, Bahamian Naturalist and an adept birdwatcher, whose passion is advancing conservation by using storytelling to connect people to the natural world.

While working at the national park service of The Bahamas he grew a passion for island conservation and fascination for the idea and philosophy behind national parks, truly believing everyone should feel connected to these special places that have been set aside for their benefit. He believes that it is important to connect people with nature whenever possible, and proclaims it is only when people truly understand and feel connected to the environment, is when they’ll feel the need to protect it. He does this every day through communication, storytelling and taking people on memorable experiences in the outdoors.

Elijah’s desire is to explore national parks across the globe and be able to visit some of the remote corners of the planet documenting biodiversity and contributing to conservation far beyond the borders of his home country, The Bahamas.