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Frankie Wilton

Frankie was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, cultivating an interest in the outdoors through countless hours spent catching estuary creatures and telling anyone willing to listen about his findings. These childhood days provided the spark for an academic career at Boston College, where he earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Communication. Through his time at university he had the chance to begin his guiding career and conduct field studies in the forests of New England and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

After college he began his endeavors into writing and photography, producing photos and written works showcasing the beauty of our planet and the urgency with which we must act to protect it. He had worked as a full-time marine naturalist on the island of Maui, honing his craft amidst the corals, seabirds, and humpbacks of the Pacific.

When not out on expeditions, Frankie resides on the Jersey Shore where he guides eco-tours and continues to produce multimedia projects. His goals as a naturalist and writer are intertwined: to unfurl the hidden details of our planet’s ecology and spark a love for the natural world.

My upcoming expeditions

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