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Gemina Garland-Lewis

Gemina Garland-Lewis is a professional documentary photographer based in Baja California Sur, Mexico, with experience in over 30 countries across six continents. Her photography explores the myriad connections between humans, animals, and their shared environments, focusing on impact-driven storytelling techniques. She first picked up a camera when she was 12 years old and proceeded to spend the better part of high school in the darkroom in her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She is passionate about integrating the worlds of visual storytelling, community engagement and research to develop new ways of communicating social and environmental issues to broader audiences and building unique platforms for education and outreach. Gemina completed her Masters degree in Conservation Medicine at Tufts University in 2013 and has worked alongside the Center for One Health Research at the University of Washington since, focusing on health and disease issues at the human-animal-environment interface and ways to integrate visual storytelling into this field. She loves working in photo education and has been with Lindblad Expeditions since 2019 and for National Geographic Student Expeditions for five years prior to this. Her photography and writing have been published by National Geographic News, National Geographic Adventure, NPR, The Washington Post, and REI, among others. Gemina is an avid outdoor adventurer and environmental stewardship advocate. You will likely find her somewhere in the mountains or on the ocean, chasing the light with camera in tow and a silly grin on her face.