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Gillian McPherson

Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, Gillian fell in love with intertidal zones, fish, and marine mammals at an early age. Exploring islands, forest and farmlands was a frequent activity during Gillian's childhood.

Following her marine passion, Gillian studied Biology at Biola University in LA. In her spare time, she was able to volunteer at the marine mammal rehabilitation center and participate in fish physiology research. Then Gillian travelled into the middle of the pacific to work as a Naturalist. She specialized in whale watching, snorkeling and Hawaiian culture. After many hours on the Pacific Ocean Gillian was able to obtain her 100-ton Master License.

Then she went to the polar opposite opposite; Hawaii and spent two Australian Summers at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. She worked in operations helping researchers get to field camps by fueling their aircraft and literally keep the lights on at the research station. The past two American Summers Gillian has been working as a Boat Captain showing guests unique parts of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Gillian has a passion for educating in the unconventional classroom and helping everyone get up close and personal with Nature.