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Jackie Weston

As a little kid, Jackie Weston flew internationally with a bag of animal bones she found on the beach as her carry on. You could do that back then… Raised in Ontario, Canada and in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, Jackie has had an insatiable curiosity from an early age. Always wanting to know how things work, she holds a Masters Degree in physiology, where upon finishing, she dedicated it to never ending curiosity and promptly went sailing.

Entranced by wind, water and exploration, Jackie spent well over a decade sailing across open oceans and working in sailing/tourism all over the globe. Her love of the oceans finally collided with her deep love for wildlife in the fjords of British Columbia when she came face to face with Ursus arctos — wild grizzly bears. In 2016 Jackie shifted her career to full time guiding, and she soon moved from skippering water-based grizzly bear tours in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest to guiding Polar Bear tours in both Canada and Norway.

From northern bears to southern butterflies, and everything in between, passionate interest and enthusiasm permeate Jackie’s naturalist and guiding styles. Her curiosity and wealth of knowledge become infectious to all around her as we explore the wild wonderful planet we call home.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Dec 10 2024
Dec 20 2024
Dec 30 2024