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James Ramsdell

From a young age James has had a passion for science and exploration. Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts with regular trips to New Hampshire's wilderness led to a love for the oceans and mountains. He earned a degree in Geological Sciences at age 21. Seeking adventure, he moved to the island of Maui. There he worked as a deckhand and naturalist for whale watching and snorkel charters. James honed his skill in photography before moving to Juneau, Alaska where he worked as a photography guide and naturalist. He has continued to work seasonally, Hawaii in the winter and Juneau in the summer for the past two years.

While mindfulness in nature is very important to him, he is usually inclined to capture special moments through photo or video. James always strives to produce photographs that will help him relive his most exciting experiences. Moreover, he hopes his work will motivate his audience to do the same. He is a firm believer in the connection between art and nature. As such, his goal is often to connect his audience to his subject on an emotional level so as to inspire environmental conservation.

In his free time James loves to spend time with his family and friends outdoors. In the tropics he enjoys scuba diving, free diving, spearfishing and body surfing. While in cooler climates he can be found snowboarding. As long as the weather permits, he is always up for hiking, camping and rock climbing.