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Joe Rottman

Joe is a Colorado native. His love for the outdoors and adventure started early. Growing up mountain climbing, camping, skiing, and kayaking. While in college he became a rafting guide, rodeo bull rider, skydiver, and forest fire fighter in Alaska. Joe has summited over fifty peaks above 14,000 feet in elevation. He has led hundreds of whitewater raft trips including two down the Grand Canyon. After college he worked as a licensed structural engineer and became Supervisor of Engineering Services for the United States Antarctic Program. In Antarctica he became a leader on the US-New Zealand Antarctic search and rescue team. More recently he worked as a long-range planner for the US Arctic and Antarctic stations. This included design work for both South Pole Station and Summit Station in Greenland. Joe has worked fourteen seasons at the South Pole. He has been to all seven continents and has circled the globe several times. Currently he is an expedition guide/lecture in the Arctic and Antarctic. He is also a commercial pilot with multiengine and seaplane ratings.