Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Lila Ardor Bellucci

Lila is a marine scientist and deep-sea explorer working to expand our understanding of ocean ecosystems while inspiring others to appreciate our fascinating oceans and marine life from microbes to whales. She is passionate about connecting people with environments most humans never get to see, especially the Antarctic and deep-sea. Born and raised between Brooklyn, NY and the Austrian Alps, outdoor and urban adventure have always been a big part of her life, but she was not born with sparkling ocean at her doorstep. It was not until diving in the Caribbean and saving her money for a solo trip to the Great Barrier Reef at 17 that she realized she was in love with the ocean.

Lila now holds BS and MS degrees in marine science and has had the privilege of exploring the shallows and depths of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans. As a researcher, she has scuba dived under the Antarctic Sea ice, in the Pacific Northwest, and on coral reefs of French Polynesia, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Florida. She has also spent many months at sea as a Science Manager and Marine Technician, working with science teams to explore never-before-seen areas of the deep-sea using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and mapping the ocean's unknown depths in both the Pacific and Atlantic. Her research has focused on microbes, invertebrates, and the impacts of changing oceans, but there is no ocean life you will not find her getting overly excited to talk about with Lindblad guests.

When not on a boat or under the water, she can be found exploring new cities and hiking, climbing, and skiing wherever she is in the world. No matter where that is, she loves engaging with the people around her and loves any chance to speak in another language. If you find yourself on a Lindblad expedition with her, you can be sure she will be around for lively conversation!