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Lisa Hofmann

Lisa grew up in the mountains of the Black Forest in Germany. When she was 18, she moved to Italy where Lisa spent two years of working in different places meanwhile studying Italian. At 20 years old, returning from Italy, she moved to Hamburg and finished high school and began to study environmental sciences and sociology. During her last year in university, an internship was required which she completed a whale watching company in Iceland.

When she saw the first minke whale of she instantly knew, this is her passion, she wanted to work, learn about them and be with them. After another season in Iceland as an onboard Naturalist, she moved to Costa Rica to work as a research assistant, collecting data of dolphins, whales, and other marine life. Additionally, she worked in an eco-resort as guest service personnel, planning the guest’s activities, following up on them and anticipating their needs. Lisa’s next stop was Hervey Bay in Australia where she worked as an onboard Naturalist in a winter breeding ground of humpback whales. She returned to Costa Rica for another season from and finally decided to pursue her dream to work with the grey whales of Baja California. In the past seven years here, she has learned a great amount about other cetacean species like sperm whales, blue whales, and many different species of dolphins. Being able to lead trips to Magdalena Bay for many years is an absolute highlight of her career. Last summer Lisa spent 3 months in Iceland, this time in the Western part, mainly watching and studying orcas and sperm whales.