Assistant Expedition Leader

Luke Correale

Growing up in Connecticut, a love of the outdoors was cultivated in Luke from a young age, as he spent most of his time on the water exploring its coast. His mother, a laboratory scientist and master naturalist, and his father, a fine-woodworker and sailor, enrolled him in Audubon summer camps, encouraged and nurtured his fishing skills, and allowed for hours of uninterrupted time in the woods. Throughout high school and college Luke worked as a first mate on a classic Sportfishing vessel out of Montauk, NY. He also worked in guest services at a local seaside hotel where he developed a rich appreciation of all peoples.

Later, the draw of Charleston, South Carolina’s cobblestone alleys and tidal creeks lured Luke to the College of Charleston, where he studied economics. During his tenure in The Holy City, he spent his weekends competing on the college’s cycling team and fly fishing for redfish amongst the marsh grass and pluff mud.

Upon graduation, Luke co-founded a wine company where he was able to sample wines from Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal cultivating a deep appreciation for artisan producers and makers. These days, he can be found enjoying time aboard his passion project—a restored 1974 Queen Craft—along with his dog, Taco, still searching for the next undiscovered world hiding just beyond the bow.