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Mauricio Hoyos

Mauricio was born and raised in Panama City. He is studying at the University of Panama to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Biology and has worked on research projects collaborating with institutions like the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Institute for Birds Population.

Mauricio began his career as a shark nursery and reproductive biology expert, and he has since dedicated his professional life to the behavior of sharks. Currently, he works with two species listed as “endangered globally” and “of concern” on the IUCN’s Red List: the hammerhead shark and the great white shark. Mauricio is active in public speaking and gives talks to students from Kindergarten to University level in order to try to change the misunderstanding revolving around sharks. He helped found the Divulgation and Research of Sharks and Rays From Mexican Waters Group, and is currently a member of various shark conservation foundations.

He also completed an internship as a Biological Technician with the United States National Park Service doing bird conservation on Fire Island, New York.

His young spirit full of stamina and a thirst for knowledge in natural history and culture, has taken him to all corners of Panama and other countries, trekking, surfing, bird watching and even tracing jaguars and pumas. Over three years of experience and enthusiasm for sharing all his knowledge, has made him one of the top up and coming naturalist guides in Panama.