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Ross Weinberg

Born in Hollywood with a camera in his hand, Ross is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who is inspired by a good-organic-wholesome-LA-vegan cause and strives to raise awareness wherever he can through his pictures and films. While majoring in Film and Economics at the Boston University College of Communication, he learned the art of documentary filmmaking as an editor and cameraman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Science Media Group. 

Ross currently lives in Vienna, Austria with his Frau but continues to court adventure. Whenever asked, he finds himself picking up his camera and embarking on assignments that have taken him to the rainforests of remote Guyana, fashion week in NYC, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and filming with tigers in exotic Missouri. His photography work has been published in Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Times, Vogue and other magazines, and films he has produced have been distributed by Virgil Films and the Samuel Goldwyn Company.  These days, he is happiest producing a finished product for a grateful audience in a matter of weeks, not years, and filming amazing wildlife…as long as its not before 6:30am.