Assistant Expedition Leader

Sharyn Umaña

While studying abroad in France during college, Sharyn was instantly bitten by the travel bug and has never looked back. Graduating from Chapman University with a degree in film and TV, her skills as a filmmaker earned her a job traveling the globe with a large cruise line, taking her to 63 countries on six continents around the world.

Throughout these adventures, Sharyn has had many transformative wildlife encounters, including swimming with whale sharks in Cancun, filming king penguins in the Falkland Islands, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and snorkeling with black tip reef sharks in Bora Bora. These and other experiences led her to her true calling in wildlife conservation.

Sharyn was a video producer with the San Diego Wildlife Alliance and partnered with several animal conservation and environmental organizations in San Diego. She is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in conservation biology.

Sharyn joined the Lindblad family as a Video Chronicler in November 2021 and has thoroughly enjoyed every moment since. In her new role as AEL, she hopes to fulfill life-changing experiences for all our guests. With the belief that passion, education and inspiration can lead to conservation, Sharyn is excited to pass along her love of wildlife and nature.