Wellness Specialist

Tiffany Marino

Growing up in the mountains of Southern California, Tiffany has an affinity for nature. She found a book on meridian theory and became interested in the healing arts and in 2005 she certified in massage therapy, followed up with a BFA in acting, now all the world is her stage. Her previous experience includes spas, physical therapy & chiropractic plus a professor at a holistic college. Her interests are in human anatomy, movement, and stoicism.

Tiffany is trained in various massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, SCENAR, Micro current frequency therapy, LED light therapy, trigger point, sports, Thai, Shiatsu, polarity therapy, chakra balancing, Pranayama Yoga, yoga trapeze, and breath work. When not on an expedition she has a practice in Orange CA.

My upcoming expeditions

Wild Alaska Escape: Haines, the Inian Islands & Tracy Arm Fjord

Jul 30 2024
Aug 4 2024
Sep 1 2024
Sep 6 2024

Costa Rica and the Panama Canal

Nov 30 2024
Dec 7 2024
Dec 14 2024

Baja California: Among the Great Whales

Feb 16 2025
Feb 23 2025
Mar 16 2025