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Tiphanie May

Tiphanie is an 8th generation Falkland Islander living in Stanley. She was raised on a small group of islands in the south of the archipelago, owned and worked by her parents as a sheep farm.

Tiph was raised surrounded by Falkland’s wildlife with her family island boasting rookeries of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins as well as several other breeding birds. Surrounded by all this wildlife it was of no surprise that she found nature fascinating. From the penguins living under her house to the wonderful variety of creatures found in the crab pots, marine life was a theme. This led to her to travel to the UK at 16 to study to be a marine biologist.

Tiphanie continued studying in the UK to earn her BSc (HONS) Marine Biology and MSc in Marine Biology. Using her holidays to volunteer in the Falklands for various conservation projects to gain experience such as de-oiling of seabirds and habitat restoration. Upon completing her studies, she joined the Government Fisheries Department, spending 200 days per year at sea monitoring seabird activity and collecting population data. Later she went on to manage a small boating operation along the coast of the islands before being offered an opportunity to join an expedition cruise as an expedition guide to Antarctica.

Tiphanie has been addicted to exploring the polar regions ever since and has since travelled and worked extensively in both polar regions. She looks forward to welcoming you to the polar regions.