Fully Protected Marine Reserve

UK Establishment of Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve Protects

Be amongst the first to explore the world's largest, contiguous, fully protected marine reserve with Lindblad expeditions-national geographic

UK Establishment of Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve Protects One of the Most Pristine Marine Environments on the Planet

NEW YORK, NY, March 2015 --- On March 18, 2015 the United Kingdom raised the bar for protection of our oceans with the announcement to create the world's largest fully protected marine reserve around the Pitcairn Archipelago, an overseas territory in the South Pacific Ocean. Home to 1,249+ species of marine mammals, seabirds and fish, the new 322,000 square mile reserve protects some of the most near-pristine ocean habitat on Earth.

Travelers seeking to visit this unspoiled and vibrant ecosystem can be among the first under this new designation with Lindblad-National Geographic on their Tahiti to Easter Island: Tales of the Pacific expeditiona 20-day voyage that followsin the wake of the early Polynesian navigators and explores the world’s most aspirational undersea.  From Tahiti, through the “low islands” of the Tuamotu Archipelago to the historically significant Pitcairn Archipelago, plus the remote and enigmatic Easter Island, guests will discover islands that are virtually inaccessible and untouched. Highlights include:

  • Dive, snorkel or explore in a glass bottom Zodiac the Pitcairn Islands, one of most unspoiled reef systems in the world, and the stunning reefs of Fakarava, part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
  • Discover the unusual geology and wildlife of Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  
  • Delve into the intriguing lost culture of Easter Island, and examine ancient burial sites and towering moai with an archaeologist.
  • Voyage with Global Perspectives Guest Speaker Paul Rose, a man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced divers, field science and polar experts. Paul is currently Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions. 

Guests on the expedition will also have the opportunity to contribute to the Pristine Seas project, whose mission is to help protect the last wild places in the ocean over the next five years (2014-2018), and whose efforts contributed to the establishment of the Pitcairn Marine Reserve. Their work was also responsible in part for the creation of the Southern Line Islands Marine Reserve in Kirbati, with one of the world’s most unspoiled reef systems, and also visited by Lindblad Expeditions on their Cook Islands to Tahiti expedition.

In March 2012, Enric Sala, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence led a five-week Pristine Seas expedition to the archipelago that helped establish a scientific case for the reserve. Inspired by Sala’s hope and vision, Lindblad Expeditions made a bold five year commitment to Pristine Seas that includes a fundraising goal of $2.5 million from funds raised aboard their ships National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion to the project.  In its first year, Lindblad guests have raised nearly $1 million to support Pristine Seas. 

The Tahiti to Easter Island expedition departs November 13, 2015.  Rates begin at $17,390 and guests that book now can receive a $2,000 air credit (available on new bookings only).  http://www.expeditions.com/destinations/pacific-islands-australia/tahiti-easter-island/

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