What a start to our journey on the Sea Cloud. After leaving Venice with a glorious sunset, we awoke to a beautiful day in the Adriatic Sea. The magnificence and splendor of our ship were on full display as the sails were unfurled by the crew clambering up the tall masts. To really appreciate the beauty, we boarded Zodiacs for a spin around the Sea Cloud.

As we sailed onward, photo instructor Sue Forbes gave a presentation on smartphone photography, and we all had time to practice the new skills learned. After lunch we had some shopping opportunities from the Sea Cloud boutique, followed by more educational talks from our experts. Expedition leader Paula Tagle covered the geology of the region, and historian Rebecca Ingram gave a presentation on the Venetian Maritime Empire.

When it was time to bring the sails down, everyone had an opportunity to help the crew; we pulled the ropes to lower the sails and prepared them to be furled.

As we sailed into Piran in Slovenia, the Captain officially welcomed us; then we met all the senior crew members at the Captain’s Cocktail Hour.