Guests awoke this morning to a gorgeous, sparkly day in the Aegean Sea. After breakfast, Captain Svendsen met with guests on the spanker deck to orient them to the Sea Cloud‘s eleven miles of rope, line, and wires that are used to make the sails. The captain then ordered the crew to “hit the rig“ and aloft they went, setting all thirty-one of the barque’s sails. Following an “Introduction to Smart Phone Photography“ talk by certified photo instructor Anna Mazurek, the bridge opened up the forward bow. Guests enjoyed taking photos of this beautiful tall ship, as well as some fabulous portraits by Anna. While admiring the artistry of line coiling, we relaxed and created wonderful memories. 30,000 square feet of sails carried us along at a clip of 5 knots in a gentleman’s breeze with following seas.

Many guests enjoyed taking vertical panoramic shots of the sails, finding the perfect framing for their photos of the rolling Greek mountains, and marveling at the newfound capabilities of their smartphones. Lunch on the lido deck was a delight as the island of Santorini came into view with pianist Mario Spadaro’s gorgeous accompaniment. Some guests partook in the time-honored tradition of a siesta, while others took advantage of Sea Cloud’s open bridge policy to learn more about navigation. The afternoon included a specialty crepe station for afternoon tea, a surprise swim call, and a presentation titled “Thunder, Gods and Underdogs – The Greco-Persian Wars“ by historian David Brotherson.

Guests filled the spanker and lido decks for the Captain‘s Welcome Party, which included introductions of the ship’s officers over champagne and cocktails. The excitement for the voyage was palpable as many guests have been waiting years to get here, while others were celebrating joyous returns with family and friends.