The second full day of our expedition started early. Right after sunrise, we ventured out to snorkel in a wonderful location known as Los Islotes. These islets are home to a good number of California sea lions, the southernmost breeding colony inside the Gulf of California.

Today we were impressed by the number of colorful fish around the isolated coral heads. Since Los Islotes is off limits for fishing, the reef fish populations rebounded in the last few years. We observed very active sea lions while snorkeling. Some of the adults passed under us, unconcerned, while the more curious youngsters interacted with us. Just like puppies, sea lion pups are playful and very smart. A couple of them were attracted by our colorful fins, and they swam very close to our face masks.

Right after snorkeling, we cruised by Zodiac to take a look at the beautiful volcanic rocks that are home to several species of birds. Blue-footed boobies are getting ready to nest at this time, and we observed brief courtship behaviors. We also saw turkey vultures, magnificent frigatebirds, brown pelicans, and even a peregrine falcon.

We spent the afternoon in the town of La Paz. We explored town, and we enjoyed the “Ballet Folklorico” and live opera before dinner in the mission square.