In the morning before breakfast we started with a skiff exploration at Yarapa Creek. This place is a little pearl in the Amazon! As we explored we first sighted iguanas and many types of birds. Then as we enjoyed our birdwatching, suddenly we spotted a mother woolly monkey with her tiny playful baby. For these monkeys it was just the usual beginning of their day; it was also a chance for the baby monkey to practice its skills, as its mother had collected some fresh shoots for breakfast.

We continued exploring, and shortly afterwards we encountered another type of monkey: a group of monk saki monkeys resting in a tall tree. For these ones it was still a little early to start doing things. Yarapa Creek is also home to flocks of toucans; they can be found perching on trees and warming up in the early morning at sunrise. 

It was another amazing day in the heart of the rainforest!