Our last day aboard the Sea Cloud saw us crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea on approach to Naples in the glorious May sunshine. The fair weather continues to eclipse any memory of rough seas experienced. What is this purple dragon of which you speak?!

However, before we arrive at Naples, we still have a full day of cruising along the Sorrentine Peninsula. This promontory, long renowned for its artisanal workshops, delimits the southern extent of the Gulf of Naples. Our cruise takes us along the coastline from Amalfi to Positano to the Isle of Capri. Mount Vesuvius looms in the distance.

We spend the morning with Captain John Svendson, who talks us through his life experiences at sea, through foul and fair weather. He takes us on an extended tour of our majestic ship and highlights the many different components that make up her original 1932 assembly. We also learn about the different rationales between 20th and 21st century maritime engineering.

Later in the day, expedition historian Dr. David Brotherson talks about Pompeii and the unique insights it offers into the daily life of ancient Romans. On the lido deck, we enjoy a final buffet lunch with pasta and the parmesan wheel. In the evening, we gather for the Captain’s Farewell Drinks and reminisce about our remarkable voyage as we view our voyage slideshow.