The sea was glass calm this morning. The sailors went aloft and we were under full sail by 9 am and with little wind making 1.5 knots. It is worth noting that even 1.5 knots is significant when moving a 2600 ton 365’ sailing vessel on the open sea.

We enjoyed presentations, including one by Tom Heffernan on the way diseases change the shape of history. After Tom’s talk, some of us visited the remarkable engine room where the chief explained the power plant and the complex reverse osmosis water making machines.

On the menu for lunch was the famous Sea Cloud pasta wheel, a 100-pound wheel of Reggio parmigiano, and many of us made multiple trips to the buffet line.

Tonight, we all dressed in our finery and socialized on the lido deck. We boarded the Sea Cloud as individuals but by tonight we had become a community. Our captain introduced his officers and then our expedition leader, John Frick, spoke about the myriad wonders of our journey. Our photo instructor had gathered pictures from all of us and we watched our trip depicted in hundreds of wonderful images. Lastly, we enjoyed the captain’s farewell dinner.