Days at sea are occasions to reflect and ponder, and the vivid moments from the previous few days require a day like today to allow it all to permeate into our beings.

Diatoms, diatoms, and more diatoms tumbled from under the upturned ice which the ship ploughed into on her inexorable path eastwards. What would the krill do without these remarkable little planktonic creatures.

For most of the morning our eyes were cast out to an endless icescape, many of the pieces dotted with emperor and Adelie penguins, and they seemed perplexed by the giant hurtling by them. There were fewer seals and even fewer whales. The ship was accompanied by snow petrels, Antarctic petrels, a sudden showing of mottled petrels, and the occasional giant petrel.

Of course, a day at sea is a great opportunity for presentations, and today we had a few to enjoy.

One thing that never lacks is food. Today the galley team laid on a sumptuous and equally delicious sushi lunch which was followed by a special tea with home made ice-creams.

Life is good.