Although land was in sight all day today, a day at sea allows us to reflect, digest, relax, and catch up. As we coursed through the Foveaux Strait toward the southwest part of the South Island of New Zealand from our Sub-Antarctic sojourn, we are just halfway through our expedition. Our next destination is Dusky Sound (a large fiord complex) in Fiordland National Park. We picked up a pilot this morning to help us navigate the fiords for the next few days. Presentations and fresh air kept us engaged throughout the day.

Here are some quotes from guests about their day at sea:

“Time to edit photos.”

“Nice break from busy days, where you can have a conversation, get some exercise, and watch the world go by.”

“I like to see what I can see in the sea, so walking the upper deck is great for me.”

“A relaxing day of napping and reading and beautiful sunshine out on the deck.”

“It’s finally sweatshirt weather.”

“The days are well-scheduled, organized, and delicious.”

We have largely lost track of the days of the week and are enjoying the special moments. Already, we have indelible memories of extraordinarily remote and wild places. We are looking forward to exploring more culture, history, and natural places during the remainder of the voyage.