We woke to a slightly rolling ocean, and again, a cozy blanket of fog surrounded us. An easy morning of stretching, sleeping in, or reading was planned. We had our first presentation of the day with Shell, who spoke about the seals we’ve seen and plan to see more of, followed by a spectacular brunch in Two Seven Zero. We mimicked the seals and filled up on all the goodies before heading off in different directions for an afternoon stroll on deck or a polar nap.

Afternoon activities included more presentations. Jayden opened our eyes to the fisheries in the Southern Ocean, and we viewed a documentary from the South Georgia Government and Management. We participated in mandatory biosecurity practices for South Georgia landings to secure the equipment we will bring ashore, ensuring that we do not cross contaminate between landing sites.

The fog never quite lifted, but it makes our upcoming exploration of South Georgia even more mysterious and exciting. In the evening, Bud explained our plans and what we hope to see during our first outing on this wild and remote island.