After leaving Stewart Island last night, we woke to our first sea day of the trip. With the swell rolling behind us, National Geographic Orion effortlessly cruised south into the Sub-Antarctic latitudes, led by our very own Captain Fred at the helm.

Sea days are always a nice time to relax and re-energize for the busy days ahead. Our amazing wellness specialist Belinda helped us start the day right with a morning stretch class followed by delicious smoothies.

As the day carried on, we tuned in for a photography lecture by National Geographic expert Ralph Lee Hopkins and Lindblad photo instructor Steve Morello. Meanwhile, our restaurant team prepared a wonderful Indian buffet lunch for us. Working tirelessly to ensure our appetites were sated, the team laid out a delicious spread of butter chicken, curried fish, and Reuben sandwiches.

Naturalist Doug introduced us to the world of seabirds, detailing their life history, evolution, and adaptations to a life at sea. Our bar team kept us well fed and hydrated with afternoon snacks and beverages. With bartender Ricky leading the charge, the wonderful bar team never misses a beat and ensures we are all looked after.

As we wrapped up the afternoon with our first recap, it was time for mango margaritas. We listened to expedition leader Lisle speak about tomorrow’s exciting plans for a landing on remote Campbell Island. Now it’s time for dinner and bed before a big day on our first Sub-Antarctic Island.