Today was a glorious day aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. We are in the process of completing a 350-nautical-mile transit, and our day was spent on the ship.

Last night, we left the town of Daajing Giids, formally known as Queen Charlotte City, on Graham Island in Hadai Gwaii. This concluded three days of insightful visits to the island, where we were guided by our cultural interpreter, Barbra Wilson. Our next destination is Alert Bay, British Columbia on Cormorant Island, just off the north coast of Vancouver Island.

Throughout the day, our expedition staff members presented on a variety of topics to engage our guests. In the morning, we had a show-and-tell-type workshop, where members of our photo team showed the photographic equipment they use on these types of assignments. Photo instructor Brooke Juhala showed us a sneak peek of a film she is producing called “Inseparable,” which relates to the native culture of British Columbia and will be released later this fall. We also had a photo critique led by Shayne Sanders. Interested guests submitted photos, and the photo team critiqued them.

So far, our transit has been very pleasant with excellent weather and calm seas. We are following the Inside Passage, and therefore, we are sheltered from the mighty Pacific by a string of barrier islands. A large storm with hurricane force winds is currently in the Bering Sea, and it seems as if we will experience the tail end of that system as we cross Charlotte Sound later tonight and into tomorrow morning.

It is always a pleasure to travel aboard National Geographic Sea Bird, and we look forward to another exciting day of learning and exploration in Alert Bay tomorrow.