Our contemplatively calm crossing to the Falklands continued today with a procellariiformian procession of petrels, shearwaters, and albatrosses clocking in at daybreak to occupy our wandering eyes as we steam ever towards Stanley.

Invigorating gym visits and lazy, tasty breakfasts led into educational sessions from photo instructor Jeff Litton and naturalist/historian/Falklander-in-residence Josh Peck about capturing the beauty and significance of the journey ahead – with outstanding bow-riding hourglass dolphins joining our wake.

Paella and okonomiyaki powered us onward into an afternoon of preparation for the excitement beginning early tomorrow. Legendary guest speaker and “Falkland Penguiner” Mensun Bound whetted our appetites with stories of the search and salvage on the high seas for the Kaiser’s Scharnhorst before a special Argentinian asado dinner introduced by onboard Patagonian ambassadors Eduardo Shaw and Santiago Imberti.

And most importantly, today is International Women’s Day, and no part of this expedition could succeed without the many women on board and onshore, who coordinate our efforts and execute our mission to explore and understand the planet’s wild places – areas where women were (within living memory of many on board) forbidden from sailing to. Assistant Expedition Leader Courtney Cox coordinated an evening program celebrating significant women and their contributions to our deeper understanding of this storied area, offering us all an opportunity to thank the women who have made our collective journeys possible. Now, onward to Stanley!