And so, our voyage begins! Today we have been graced by the good weather gods for the first crossing of our expedition, from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands. It certainly is not every day that the bow is open for us to enjoy on a day at sea! We had barely finished breakfast when we experienced our first taste of a true expedition, with an amazing sighting of a large group of hourglass dolphins delaying our morning briefing and expedition staff introductions!

We spent the day with a great showcase of presentations from our natural history team; from top photography tips, to seabird identification, and history of the first circumnavigation. The excellent conditions continued well into the afternoon to allow for fantastic viewing of petrels and albatrosses flying behind and around the aft sundeck of the ship. Once again, our first evening recap was interrupted by the charismatic display of a humpback whale as we made our way into the Falkland Islands at sunset.