We sailed into our final day with a mix of feelings: happiness after relishing a fantastic, ten-day journey and a touch of nostalgia at the stern as we left the snowy continent. But surprises awaited those who thought that our adventure concluded when we stowed the Zodiacs!

National Geographic Endurance sped through the Drake Passage, propelled by favorable winds. This prompted our expedition leader and the bridge team to take a final detour toward Cape Horn, bringing us within a mere three miles of this unique landmark by 8:00 am. Unfortunately, thick fog covered most of the view, adding to its mystery, but knowing that we were so close was more than enough. Meanwhile, a moving poem about albatrosses and the forgotten souls of the sailors played over the speakers.

The rest of the day was quite busy. Captain Aaron shared stories about the history of the ship. We dove into the fascinating world of krill, and we listened closely to the confessions of a National Geographic photographer.

While in the calm waters of the Beagle Channel, we even enjoyed a tasting of wines and cheeses from around the world as we got ready for the grand finale: the slideshow and final summary of a journey we will never forget.