The sun burned its way into the sky this morning with attitude and conviction. This was not to be an ordinary day.

Breakfast was amazing, as always, and there was an undertone of anticipation as our guests readied themselves for their first full day aboard National Geographic Sea Bird.

As our pangueros arrived, we boarded and left the ship without a second thought. Our destination? Bahia Almejas, to experience the mass of mating grey whales that have made this tiny slice of Baja California Sur our destination.

Within 15 minutes we were in the presence of several greys that were not acting like typical whales – these whales were in the process of actively propagating their species, and every once in a while they found time to give us a moment! What a rare honor, being able to observe this most sacred of cetacean rituals! After three hours, we returned to the ship for sustenance.

Our afternoon was even better, as it seemed the whales had exhausted themselves with their procreative duties and found time to embrace the curious humans. Guests were able to put their hands on whales, affirming the bond between species that keeps us coming back to this sacred little corner of the world. Nobody returned to the ship unchanged, and everyone felt their lives were a little fuller for spending a couple of days aboard National Geographic Sea Bird!

Photos by Jeff Campbell, Kyle Bowman, and Sofia Gomez