The day started with anticipation and excitement to explore this section of Magdalena Bay, Bahia Almejas, the Bay of Clams. Local guides use seagoing open boats called pangas and the expert panga drivers, pangueros, hold the permits for viewing gray whales. This unique ecosystem is known for sightings of various birds and marine life. Shortly after breakfast, we headed out to explore and within twenty minutes we were among the gray whales of Magdalena Bay. Then we encountered a large group of bottle nose dolphins before returning to National Geographic Sea Lion.

After lunch, guests returned to the pangas to explore the bright green waters. It was then we encountered more gray whales and seabirds. The whales were displaying several behaviors such as spy-hopping (when a whale lifts its head out of the water into the air and views its surroundings). The sun was shining, and the sunset was beautiful. It was a fine day to be exploring Baja California Sur.