Today was the first full day of our expedition in Baja California Sur. The day started with anticipation and excitement for guests who were eagerly awaiting the search for gray whales.

The morning sun called us to enjoy the fine climate of Baja California in February. To everyone’s delight, we spotted gray whales soon after departing National Geographic Sea Lion. We observed the whales rolling around, breaching, and “spyhopping,” where a whale vertically lifts its head until the eye is exposed to observe the world above the waves.

After lunch we started another round of ocean exploration in Bahia Almejas, Magdalena Bay. Guests joined naturalists on “pangas,” fiberglass boats that are the main exploration tool among the whales. The pangas were driven by “pangueros” who are local experts that live nearby and are licensed by the government of Mexico to conduct whale tours in the breeding and birthing lagoons. The sun was shining and the sunset was beautiful. It was a fine day to be exploring Baja California Sur.