Today we had the extraordinary opportunity to visit one of the most remote areas of the tropical dry forest of Costa Rica, Bahia Santa Elena. Here our guests walked one of the new trails in the protected area; one highlight was our sighting of the famous northern tamandua anteater, a mammal which is not that common to see. Everybody went out with our local “pangas” to see the rock formations of the Bahia Santa Elena, the oldest of the country. The naturalist explained how the country first formed, and how that connects to the landforms and ecosystems of today. Later on after lunch, we split our group activities between land and water. Some guests walked into the wildlife refuge where they enjoyed the company of iguanas, lots of birds, and white-faced capuchins. Our other group of guests went snorkeling at Munecos Island to see lots of different fish species. We are thankful for this very productive day, and are feeling ready for tomorrow’s activities.