National Geographic Islander II explorers visited the iconic island of Bartolome today. We took an early walk to the summit of this volcanic island for amazing views and to enjoy the colors of the sunrise.

After a delicious breakfast, we got into our swimsuits and grabbed our snorkeling gear. Some guests enjoyed the golden beach, and others went for a more adventurous snorkeling. Both groups observed a lot of activity from tropical reef fish, penguins, rays, and whitetip reef sharks.

In the afternoon, some guests opted to explore Dragon Hill at the northwest point of Santa Cruz Island. Meanwhile, others enjoyed a Zodiac ride along the coastline of the same area. The main attractions of this beautiful site included land iguanas, an American flamingo, baby blacktip sharks, marine iguanas, and lagoon birds such as white-cheeked pintail ducks and black-necked stilts.

Back on board, we all enjoyed a wine tasting and a beautiful sunset.