Our expedition continued today with a full day of exploration in two remote locations of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve in the Upper Amazon of Peru: Belluda Caño in the morning and El Dorado River in the afternoon. A beautiful, peaceful, and relatively cool morning opened our expedition today; with an early start, at 0600 we were already leaving the ship on skiffs. It is well known that the early and late hours of the day are best for observing the extraordinary biodiversity that inhabits the rainforests. Even though rain accompanied us during the ride, we were so fortunate for we saw a lot! We observed three different monkey species and many bird species, including beautifully colored macaws, herons, and birds of prey.

In the afternoon, we explored the El Dorado River by kayaking and by skiff rides. We had plenty of time to go far into this beautiful river. Just like the early hours of the day, the late hours are another prime time to observe wildlife; and during this expedition we had many amazing sightings. We came back to the ship after sunset, as the night was falling in the rainforest. It was a long day full of great sightings and exploration.