A lovely sunrise along the Ucayali River invited our guests to have a delicious early breakfast. The plan was to explore an important tributary that flows into the Ucayali River, Belluda Creek. Right after breakfast we loaded the skiffs and went exploring.

Lots of wildlife was sighted by our skiff drivers and naturalists. A family of the endemic primate of the reserve, the Isabel’s saki monkey, gave our guests an interesting display of family bonding. They were on alert but allowed us to take all the photos we wanted.

For our afternoon activity, we visited Dorado River. At the mouth of the river a pod of pink dolphins welcomed us as they hunted for their food. We went on the skiff to explore the river until sunset. As the sun began to set, the nocturnal wildlife began to show up.

We enjoyed the sighting of black-capped night herons, fishing bats, lesser-tailed nighthawks, and many other nighttime creatures. There is no doubt about the great biodiversity that is found in the Upper Amazon.