During our morning excursion, we visited a location known as Belluda Creek. As soon as we entered the area, we thoroughly enjoyed an abundance of birds perched in a single tree! Several species were gathered, and their colors were so vibrant that they were easy to spot, even from afar. Their singing was beautiful, and we enjoyed a morning concert provided by these beautiful birds before we continued our travels deeper into the creek.

So far, wildlife sightings have exceeded our expectations. Today, our list increased even more. We spotted many species of birds and several mammals that are endemic to the region. We were very lucky to encounter an Isabel’s saki monkey. We also spotted a giant anteater as it actively foraged while perched upside down in a giant tree!

After our skiff ride, we returned to the ship to enjoy a delicious meal. After a short siesta, we were off again for another skiff ride. This time our goal was to visit Rio Dorado, which is locally famous for the large caimans inhabiting its waters. For that very reason, we stayed way past dark to look for caimans. We were successful as we encountered several individuals of both species found here in the Upper Amazon, the spectacled caiman and the black caiman. They were both as still as floating logs when we found them. Since it was dark, it was a little challenging to photograph them. Luckily, programs to improve photography skills are part of a Lindblad expedition, and guests were able to bring back great photographs!