Our first day in Belize started with a bang as we awoke anchored just off Half Moon Caye, serenaded by the guttural sounds of hundreds of frigatebirds eager to find a mate. Once ashore, half our group departed on a short hike to a bird colony where guests can enjoy front row viewing of frigatebirds and red-footed boobies. The parental boobies were warming eggs on their nests and nurturing small chicks while trying to ignore the cacophony of frigatebirds circling overhead. Not an easy feat! After the hike, we went snorkeling in the warm, shallow sea that surrounds the island. We were treated to up close sightings of barracudas and countless reef fish. In the afternoon, we jumped on a speedboat and motored over to one of Belize’s most popular attractions, The Great Blue Hole. Here we snorkeled the interior rim, and those who were brave enough swam to the center to look down into the abyss. Sharks and rays frequent the blue hole, and many snorkelers were treated to sightings of both. Weary after a long day in the sunshine, we all returned to our shipboard home for our first recap of the trip and cocktail hour. Just another day of paradise here in Belize!