Today we had a typically beautiful, sunny Baja day with a cloudless sunrise as Wellness Instructor Lola shared her stretching moves on the main deck.

The sun rose as we got ready for our fourth and last whale search. The pangueros from Puerto Lopez Mateos took us to Boca de la Soledad where the grays gifted us with several rainbow spouts.

On our way back to National Geographic Sea Bird, we spotted a flock of brown pelicans, youngsters and adults, displaying their different plumages. We also found males, females, and young magnificent frigatebirds perched in the mangroves. Some of us observed one of the southernmost bald eagles on the planet!

During our walk on the dunes to get to Sand Dollar Beach, we found ancient middens from the original people who lived in this area, complete with broken shells and stone tools.

Dinner was lovely with introductions of all the stewards and kitchen staff that made our stay so comfortable and who cooked delicious food during our expedition.

We closed the day with our traditional, end of voyage slide show.