Today was the final full day of our expedition in Baja California Sur. The day started with anticipation and excitement due to guests who wanted to participate in the tour of Boca de la Soledad and the Hull Canal in search of gray whales.

To everyone’s delight a mother gray whale and her two-week-old calf were spotted soon after departing National Geographic Sea Lion in the Hull Canal. We observed the calf rolling around on its mother’s back while she patiently waited for her calf to nurse. The morning sun begged us to begin the day of exploration.

After lunch we went ashore to hike and explore. Guests joined naturalists on either a strenuous hike that included traversing many dunes to reach the open Pacific Ocean, or a moderate hike that focused on various plant life. Global Explorers spent their time jumping from the tops of tall sand dunes lead by their certified field instructor. The sun was shining and the sunset was beautiful. It was a fine day to explore Baja California Sur.