National Geographic Endurance slowly nosed her way into Salpêtrière Bay. On our port side, the towering mountains of Booth Island rose starkly with their tops shrouded in low clouds. Off to starboard, various icebergs dotted waters colloquially known as the Iceberg Graveyard. This was the island chosen by Jean Charcot to overwinter on his first expedition, 1903-1905. It was a first-class expedition, and much was achieved in the natural and earth sciences.

The long hikers walked up to the cairn at the top of the hill overlooking Port Charcot. Others headed for the penguin rookeries. Gentoos are the most abundant species, although the other two brushtails are also nesting here.

There were Zodiac cruises into the Iceberg Graveyard, where we had close encounters with the ice and leopard seals.

We then sailed into gorgeous Lemaire Channel. Midway, we had an encounter with our sister ship, National Geographic Resolution.

During lunch, the ship entered Hidden Bay, our afternoon destination. There were Zodiac cruises and kayaking. A polar plunge ended another fantastic day, and thirty-seven hardy folks jumped in!